Remembrance Day

Here is a Remembrance day tribute to all of our soldiers, past and present. This handsome boy recently made the Sit With Me calendar for the month of November and his mom wanted to honor her father who served in the military. Let us remember all those who gave their lives for our freedom; humans, horses and dogs.

Lest we forget.

Model: Fenris “Gatehouse King Of Misfit Toys TT”

November01 Fenris05 Fenris01

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A Girl and her Horse – Equine Photography


Field01lensflare  Field05lensflare FieldBack15 FieldBack05


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Fall Portraits – Lynda Graveline

Well here I am in the middle of the fall rush, no doubt it is the most beautiful time of year to take photos. There’s just something magical about fall, it’s like spring with all the changing colors but without the mud and bugs. I have lots of photos that I can’t wait to share with you but first I need to sort through and edit them all. Here are some shots of my pack to tide you over until then 🙂

For those of you asking about holiday/Christmas portraits, I will get into this in another post but I would highly recommend you contact me as soon as possible if you need them BEFORE the Christmas holidays as I have very few spots left that will likely fill up within the next week. I do however have tons of gift certificates available that make great presents *wink wink* *nudge*


Bentley01 Oz_B01 Oz01

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Pit Bull Awareness Month

October is Pit Bull Awareness Month and this dog might just be the coolest thing you’ll see all week. I’m serious, his name is Puddles and the ladies love him (and so will you!). Help us in the fight against Breed Specific Legislation by educating those around you about Pit Bulls. They are dogs, (just like a golden retriever or a boxer) and deserve to be treated as such. Here is a great list done up by Animal Planet that talks about the common myths surrounding Pit Bulls and the rest of the bully breed dogs.

Puddles is available for adoption outside of Ontario through Sit With Me dog rescue.



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Springbean – Sit With Me dog rescue

Meet my newest foster dog, Springbean (yes, Springbean from the previous post). Spring is such a happy happy dog that will remind you to appreciate the little things in life like walks, soft couches, cuddles, and a good bone to chew. She is about a year and a half and is already spayed and up to date on all her shots. She makes a phenomenal walking, biking, or running partner (you’ll hardly even notice she’s there except for the occasional head bumping your hand). Spring however is still learning how to be a dog. Since she spent a good part of her life starving on the streets that she missed out on much of the socialization that other puppies get and so she is still very puppy like herself, she has come SUCH a long way since coming into Sit With Me’s care. Spring is great with dogs and cats and is a social butterfly, she is a dream to crate, and LOVES car rides. She is at this time however only available for adoption outside of Ontario. Please share with your friends, if you are interested in Spring please email Sit With Me dog rescue.

Springbean_9183 Springbean_9191 Springbean_9216 Springbean_9223 Springbean_9346-2

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The Tea Party

These two lovely ladies have been waiting forever to get some service, should someone tell them they have to serve themselves?



Still waiting…tea-party01

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This cutie names Summersault is Springbean’s puppy who was found wandering the streets with her. She has been adopted through Sit With Me dog rescue.

Summersault02_5x7WEB Summersault01_5x7WEB

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Springbean – Sit With Me – Adoptable Dogs

I was sorting through my blog the other day and realized that I had missed sharing this beauty (and a few other adoptable dogs)! This is my newest foster dog (Carmen is adoption pending, fingers crossed!). Her name is Springbean and man is she springy!! This dog can leap tall buildings in a single bound! Well not quite, but she can leap tall gates without blinking and that’s close enough. Because she is considered a ‘pit bull’ she is only available for adoption outside of Ontario because of our BSL. She walks great on leash (is a great jogging partner), is VERY eager to please (can we say rapid fire sit-downs?) and is good with other dogs and cats. Because she was picked up off the street with her puppy Summersault and was so emaciated that we didn’t think she would make it, she has a bit of an obsession with food. She wants to eat ALL of it, all the time, but she is learning and her willingness to please and her food drive makes her a phenomenal dog for dog sports like agility, flyball and disc dog. Don’t let her high energy fool you though, she is a great snuggler. Do you think you are a suitable match for Springbean? Check out Sit With Me dog rescue for more details.


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Forever Home – Sit With Me Dog Rescue

Know what rocks my socks? When photos I’ve taken of dogs helps them get adopted. You may remember Graceland the Weimaraner from her previous shoot for Sit With Me dog rescue, well she scored her forever home and they absolutely love her to pieces. Way to go Graceland! All the best in your new home.


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Alaskan Malamute – Ottawa Pet Photography


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