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My girl Bentley helped me model another new backdrop. What do you think? She’s always up for a turn in the spotlight.

BentleyWhite01 BentleyWhite02 BentleyWhite03

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Easter Photo Event – New Moon Rabbit Rescue


Here are a few of the lovely faces I got to photograph at a fundraiser event for New Moon Rabbit Rescue this past weekend. Thanks for everyone’s support!

GPF_Easter14_40 GPF_Easter14_30 GPF_Easter14_36 GPF_Easter14_34 GPF_Easter14_20 GPF_Easter14_12 GPF_Easter14_11 GPF_Easter14_02

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Rainbows & Unicorns – Dominican Wedding

I was pleasantly surprised at the condition of the horses while I was at Punta Cana Excellence resort in the Dominican Republic. While most of them were a bit scrawnier than the warmbloods and quarter horses I am used to seeing here in Canada (no doubt due to the lack of decent quality hay available), their ribs weren’t showing and they seemed relatively healthy and their hooves were well trimmed.

I met this gorgeous black stallion (yes! stallion!) that doubled as our unicorn to pull the carriage for the bride. I can’t quite remember his name as it was spanish but it sounded very noble, and he was a noble creature indeed. He was probably one of the nicer horses in the Dominican, still small but well muscled and not a hint of a rib showing. He extremely well mannered and stood there patiently with a carriage attached to him as I fumbled around with the unicorn horn trying to attach it just right. I captured this photo right before we had to leave to go to the wedding ceremony, which by the way I am still processing. I photographed a wedding that literally had rainbows and unicorns?? Yes. Yes I did. I have the BEST clients EVER.




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Stray – L Graveline Photography

What do you think of when you picture a stray cat? Diseased? Flea ridden? Broken? They are hardly any of these things but are rather quite free spirited, playful, clean creatures. Here is a glimpse into the eyes of a stray cat. Some of them were loved and then abandoned, some were born outside, but all of them ended up here at one point or another. ‘Here’ is a dog boarding facility that helps re-home cats. They are not a shelter but a volunteer run group of people who help out stray cats in their area. They are always full, especially in the winter when cats that have been dumped don’t know how to survive in the cold. All of the cats get individual care and they are all at different stages of becoming a ‘house cat’. Most of them are loving and trusting despite their hardships and others are still overcoming their fear of people. They will stay here until they either get adopted or cross the rainbow bridge. What they need now is you, someone who can let them into their house and their heart. Will you consider adopting an adult cat instead of a kitten?

I will never understand why people leave their pets on the side of the road. I hear stories about how people drop them off near a local barn hoping they will live out their days catching mice and basking in the sun but the harsh reality is that unless they were born and raised outside most will have no idea how to survive in the wild, much less at a barn no doubt already inhabited by other territorial cats or an unfriendly dog. When you leave a pet on the side of the road it will be lost and confused and will likely hang around the same area for a long time until it finds some shelter or is hit by a car or killed by a coyote. Pets are part of the family and it should be thought about long and hard before adopting any animal.

Note: Please do not email about re-homing your cat, the rescue in this blog post is full and do not accept owner surrenders.

Stray13 Stray16 Stray02 Stray01 Stray10 Stray08 Stray04

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Birds of Paradise – Lynda Graveline Photographer

I spent one long glorious week in Punta Cana photographing a wedding for a friend (No, I don’t normally photograph weddings) and made friends with some of the local wildlife (besides the Macaws of course). While up here in Canada we are patiently awaiting spring as we get another 15cm of snow dumped, back there it was warm, sunny, and cloud free. Oh what I would give to go back! Maybe if we look at warm photos long enough Spring will return 😉

Enjoy!Duck01 Flamingo01 Flamingo02 Ibis01 Ibis02 Parrot01_logo


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Winter Fun – Pet Photography

More snow?? Winter will be over before you know it! And then comes the mud and muck.. ugh!! Let’s enjoy the nice clean snow while we can 😉

Our lovely model is Ivy the great dane wearing a Crazy Beautiful collar.

January01 January02

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Conroy – Flame Point Siamese – Lynda Graveline Photography

Meet Conroy. This handsome flame-point fella was adopted from the Ottawa Humane Society and is quite the character. Like most cats, as soon as I started setting up he curled up right in front of the lights and dead center on the backdrop. Exactly where I needed him to be, cats are awesome to shoot. I had originally set up my studio lights and planned to use them as my main source of light but the sunlight on a cloudy day gave me the perfect light to shoot these photos.

Interested in a cat photo session? I have been doing a lot of these lately, and almost all of them go exactly like this one. Who says cats are difficult to shoot? Shoot me an email at LGravelinePhotography@gmail.com for more information or to book a session.

Conroy01LOGO Conroy14WEB

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