About The Photographer

Name: Lynda Graveline

Website: www.LGravelinePhotography.com

Lives in: Ottawa, Ontario

Likes: my job, jalepenio havarti cheese, galloping my horse while dodging tree branches, puppies, being challenged

Dislikes: people who walk too slow in hallways, mud, people who abuse animals, people who throw garbage out their car window, burnt pizza crust

How I became a Photographer: I don’t remember ever trying to be a photographer, I ended up with a camera in my hands one day and eventually started taking pictures of my friends, family, and pets. Art class was always my favorite class, I did a lot of drawing before photography but I guess I just realized that in the time it took me to draw one good picture, I could be photographing many many more, and thus the obsession began. Friends started asking me to take pictures of their horses at shows because their parents didn’t know what pictures riders were looking for, that shot where the horse is airborn over the fence in perfect form or that beautiful extended trot. I took my first photography class in high school and realized that I could be good at it, but it was when I took the courses at Algonquin College that opened my eyes to how huge the photography industry was. It wasn’t just going to sports events and taking pictures anymore, there were many different types of commercial and portrait photography, my favorite were Food and Creative Advertisement but I still managed to fit some dogs and horses into my shots here and there. The studio was amazing, I never knew how much skill was required to shape the light onto the subject, and to me it opened up the entire world of commercial photography. My favorite studio classes consisted of taking a Gatorade bottle (amongst other things), spraying it with water and spending an hour playing with lighting to see the different effects.

What is a good picture?: Something that makes you stop and stare, makes you think, tells a story, or evokes an emotion is in my mind a good picture

3 Responses to About The Photographer

  1. Nanny says:

    Way to go Shutterbug .good stuff , keep on clicking.xoxo

  2. quarterhorsegirl says:

    These are great pictures!! I especially like the horse ones:)

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