Sunset on the Beach

I’ve always wanted to try this out, in all the years I’ve been taking photos not ONCE have I done a shoot at sunset on the beach! There’s nothing more enchanting than watching the sky turn orange before your eyes, it almost looks like it’s on fire. I needed some models of course, and what better models than my very own Bentley and her coyote looking friend named Oakley. I wanted to make them look wild, though the collar kind of gives it away, I might edit it out if I decided to use the photo in print or something like that but it didn’t bother me so I decided to keep it in the photo (Mostly because we can’t tell who’s dog is who without the collar!). We did have my Oz (the aussie) there as well but his furry butt looks rather blob-like as a silhouette and kind of takes away from the whole wolf pack theme so he got to chase the ball behind the scenes out of camera range : ) For the first time in a while I actually did very minimal (if any) editing to these photos. Most of these are fresh off the camera, all I did was crop them and add the logo. Sometimes mother nature give you the perfect shot, perfect colors, and perfect weather and all you need to do is shoot. Of course I have to mention that along with our three dog models and two human handlers/models I also brought my fellow photographer Nate Kwok who will likely post his own version of this shoot on his blog soon enough (I like his photos better 😛 )

“It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream.”

About lyndagraveline

Ottawa based professional pet photographer, I photograph everything from horses, dogs & cats to wild & exotic animals. Available for commercial shoots as well, see website for more details.
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