Alley Cat / Ottawa Cat Photography

The camera hog and her BFF Kirby

I’ve never understood the connection between cats and boxes (or baskets.. or anything remotely box shaped for that matter) and how they can fit into something literally smaller than they are. It’s like they can turn themselves into liquid at will, kind of the same way they squeeze out from under your hands at the last minute when you are trying to grab them as they run out the front door. Anyways, I’d like you to meet Alley, also known as Alley Cat. She is the cat I pretty much grew up with but regrettably had to leave behind when I moved out. She now happily lives at home with my parents where she spends most of her days curled up on someones lap when she’s not wreaking havoc at 9yrs old. Alley has a pretty interesting story as far as family cats go, it started when I REALLY really wanted a dog, and that was not going to happen so I got a kitten instead (I thought if I treated her like a dog my parents would feel bad for me and get me a dog, nope, I just ended up with an overly social dog-like cat that causes more trouble than an 8 week old puppy after it just woke up). Alley’s mom was a rescue from a hoarding situation a few years back that included wild animals such as lynx, asian leopards, tons of parrots and a few other wild animals that are obviously illegal. She was labeled as a bengal cat because of the situation she was in but we think she looks and acts more like an Ocicat, actually, she fits the breed standard to a T including her love of water and a good game of fetch. We adopted her from the Ottawa Humane Society and yes, they do occasionally get purebreds! Here she is magically turning into a puddle in a basket.

She’s cuddly and sweet

And a little goofy ; )

About lyndagraveline

Ottawa based professional pet photographer, I photograph everything from horses, dogs & cats to wild & exotic animals. Available for commercial shoots as well, see website for more details.
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