Adopt Me – Timmy / Ottawa Cats For Adoption

This blog post will hopefully be the first of many to come, I am hoping to shine some light on cats and dogs that are up for adoption in Ottawa and surrounding areas. There are SO many animals that need homes so if you can’t take on one yourself please share with your friends and co-workers via word of mouth, email, facebook or even your own blog (You never know who may be looking!).

“Timmy” – 2yr old male domestic short-haired

Our first cat is Timmy (Doesn’t he look like he should be doing cat food commercials?) and here is what his rescue has to say about him:

“Timmy is around 2 years old- dumped on a dirt road in the country he was picked up after several sightings of him hanging around the edge of the road chasing beetles for something to eat. He was starved and desperate for human attention. He is very affectionate- obviously was someone’s pet but was abandoned at puberty as so many cats are instead of being spayed or neutered when things like strong smelling urine start becoming a problem and the females go into their first heat cycle. Timmy is a bit of a silly personality and doesn’t always know his own weight when he throws himself at you to be picked up. He needs a knowledgable cat owner and someone who doesn’t mind that his manners are a little rough around the edges. Timmy’s favorite activities are laser toy and acrobatic begging at feeding time. He loves other cats- seems tolerant of dogs- but might be a little too rough for small children.”


If you would like to inquire about Timmy or have any questions please email Timmy is neutered and up to date on all his shots. Please note that this is a private (cage free) rescue and they are currently not taking in any more cats so any emails directed to them should be for adopting only.

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Ottawa based professional pet photographer, I photograph everything from horses, dogs & cats to wild & exotic animals. Available for commercial shoots as well, see website for more details.
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