Fozzie Bear | Ottawa Pet Photographer

Fozzie Wozzie was a bear, Fozzie Wozzie had no hair, so Fozzie Wozzie wasen’t very fuzzy was he?

Poor Fozzie’s been through so much in his little life, his owner adopted him from a rescue where he had a condition known as Demodex, basically puppy mange that got way out of control, the poor guy probably looked more like a chinese crested than a cavalier. He now suffers from serious heart and lung issues, he is less than 2 yrs old, but is the happiest little guy that has a million best friends I’m sure. His owner tells me that he he is a favorite amongst the many vets he visits, and who can resist a face like that?


About lyndagraveline

Ottawa based professional pet photographer, I photograph everything from horses, dogs & cats to wild & exotic animals. Available for commercial shoots as well, see website for more details.
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