Magazine Assignment

As most of you know, I am in my final year in the Photography program at Algonquin College. Throughout the year we have a few real life scenarios that we get marked on, one assignment was to create a magazine from start to finish. I used the bon appetit magazine, image was shot by me and all text was added by myself also as we learn a bit of typography as well. Well, here it is!

(Just a note, I do not hold any copyrights to bon appetit magazine, this is NOT an actual magazine, just a mock up, so you won’t find it anywhere in stores)

About lyndagraveline

Ottawa based professional pet photographer, I photograph everything from horses, dogs & cats to wild & exotic animals. Available for commercial shoots as well, see website for more details.
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2 Responses to Magazine Assignment

  1. izziedarling says:

    Beautiful! Great job!

  2. Very impressive. Great to see our students blogging and showing what they have learnerd to the world. Great work.

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