What have YOU done lately to help out?

I just finished my assignment for one of my classes, it is an extra online class on Environmental Citizenship we are required to take that has little to do with my main program which in Photography, or so I thought. The course really got me thinking, with all this talk about climate change, what have I done to help, and what else can I do to help? The WWF is encouraging people to participate in Earth Hour, on March 27th on 8:30pm people are asked to turn off their lights for an hour. It will save TONS of electricity and will spread he world that we care about our environment and what becomes of it. Why wouldn’t you do it? Do you REALLY need your lights on at 8:30? They are also encouraging people to talk about ways to help the environment. I always bring one of those cool stainless steel water bottles with me everywhere I go, and re-use the few water bottles I do end up with at home. I also stopped buying plastic bags when shopping and I have about 4 reusable ones that are always in my car. And the best part? They look good! They are almost becoming a fashion statement, who wants to walk around with ugly plastic bags anyways?

Of course, being a photographer I couldn’t help noticing their ad campaigns, very cool! Here are a few of my favorites

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