Doc is Home – L Graveline Photography


It has been decided that our handsome foster, Doc (or The Doctor) will be staying with us for the rest of his days. I wish I could say it was all rainbows and butterflies from here on out but unfortunately we discovered that he has multiple tumors in his lungs and we honestly have no idea how much longer he has. If the tumors don’t grow he will have many happy years, if they do, they will be pushing on his windpipe and he will have trouble breathing. All we know is that right now he is happy, pain free, and living life to the fullest. He will be spending his days being spoiled rotten, taken swimming, being cuddled, fed his dinner with cookies on top and playing fetch until his soul outlives his body and his lungs can no longer carry him across the fields he loves to run in. If we can take away one thing from this let it be that we never know when our time is up and we can only live our life each day as if it is our last. We can learn a lot from our dogs.



Doctor01 Doctor02  GateOpen01

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It’s All Rainbows & Unicorns

What could be a more magical end to a wedding than with rainbows and unicorns? Amanda and Ryan had an incredible destination wedding in Punta Cana of which I got the privilege to attend and photograph. Since the theme was birds and rainbows, a unicorn here and there made the whole thing complete. After having a unicorn pull her carriage to the alter, we decided to have another shoot back home where we could be a bit more creative with no time restraints. These photos are just the tip of the iceberg!

Our lovely unicorn model is Beau Dacious (Now referred to as Rain Beau), a former international eventer ridden and handled by Robyn Townsend (who handled him during the shoot and let us dye his hair, big thanks!). Beau spends his days now teaching beginner kids to ride and showing the more advanced kids the ropes to some complicated jumps and maneuvers. We are sure they will LOVE the rainbow mane.


FYI: I do NOT normally photograph weddings, unless you have some pretty fancy stuff. Then we’ll talk 😉

I am however open to doing any creative pre or post wedding photo sessions with any animal of your choice. Trash the dress? I’m in.

Beau03logo_edit Beau01logo_edit Beau02logo_edit

A behind the scenes photo of Beau getting his hair done, he let us put a garbage bag over his head! Those of you with horses know this is a pretty big deal. Good boy Beau.


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Thor, Jetta, and Loki – Part 2

Loki is the third is the little (big) brother to Thor and Jetta. Loki was originally from a litter of puppies from Sit With Me  affectionately called ‘The Chipmunks’ that weren’t supposed to make it, they were sick and not doing well.  Amazingly, Sit With Me rescued a mother dog who had her puppies taken away from her while she was still milking and thought they would try putting the puppies in with her, she was missing her puppies and the puppies needed a real mother. It was their last hope. The rescued mama dog took in the puppies and nursed them like her own and as you can see they grew up healthy and happy! In fact, they are not quite done growing yet… Despite being less than a year old Loki was a superstar, I could hardly believe he was still a puppy!

Loki17 Loki07 Loki08 Loki11

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Thor, Jetta & Loki – Part 1

Jetta (black) and Thor (white) make up the tiny two of this dynamic trio. They are as different as night and day, Jetta being sweet, shy, and quiet and Thor being bold, confident, and quite the dancer!



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Pit Bull Terrier – L Graveline Photography

The Doctor is in the house! This boy was recently pulled from the shelter and is now safe in foster care. He’s an American Pit Bull Terrier mix and because he is old enough he is legal to own in Ontario, WOO HOO!! Doctor is 10yrs old and has a few lumps and bumps that need to be checked out before he is put up for adoption but he has tons of energy to spare and loves to go for walks. He is great with dogs and cats and is very quiet. Just look at that face, who could give him up?

He is not up for adoption yet but if his prognosis is good he will be available through Sit With Me dog rescue.

Doctor01 Doctor02 Doctor03

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New Backdrops – Purple Wallpaper

Tried out some new backdrops we got on sale. I probably won’t use it unless it’s with plain colored dogs but it sure is eye catching!

Pixel02Sita01 Bentley04

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The three Musketeers – L Graveline Photography

GroupShotIt’s not too often you get the group shot of 3 dogs that you’re hoping for on the first try, but it happened this time! Stay tuned for more photos of this adorable trio, they are too cute not to share!

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L Graveline Photography – Lynda Graveline – Pet Photographer

My girl Bentley helped me model another new backdrop. What do you think? She’s always up for a turn in the spotlight.

BentleyWhite01 BentleyWhite02 BentleyWhite03

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Easter Photo Event – New Moon Rabbit Rescue


Here are a few of the lovely faces I got to photograph at a fundraiser event for New Moon Rabbit Rescue this past weekend. Thanks for everyone’s support!

GPF_Easter14_40 GPF_Easter14_30 GPF_Easter14_36 GPF_Easter14_34 GPF_Easter14_20 GPF_Easter14_12 GPF_Easter14_11 GPF_Easter14_02

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Rainbows & Unicorns – Dominican Wedding

I was pleasantly surprised at the condition of the horses while I was at Punta Cana Excellence resort in the Dominican Republic. While most of them were a bit scrawnier than the warmbloods and quarter horses I am used to seeing here in Canada (no doubt due to the lack of decent quality hay available), their ribs weren’t showing and they seemed relatively healthy and their hooves were well trimmed.

I met this gorgeous black stallion (yes! stallion!) that doubled as our unicorn to pull the carriage for the bride. I can’t quite remember his name as it was spanish but it sounded very noble, and he was a noble creature indeed. He was probably one of the nicer horses in the Dominican, still small but well muscled and not a hint of a rib showing. He extremely well mannered and stood there patiently with a carriage attached to him as I fumbled around with the unicorn horn trying to attach it just right. I captured this photo right before we had to leave to go to the wedding ceremony, which by the way I am still processing. I photographed a wedding that literally had rainbows and unicorns?? Yes. Yes I did. I have the BEST clients EVER.




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